Alicia Alexander

UX and UI Designer

I specialize in user experience and visual design for digital products. I create seamless user experiences with beautiful and intuitive user interfaces.



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Fun and random facts about me!

  • I love to play VR icon Virtual Reality games and social apps to connect with people from all over the world!
  • I'm obsessed with Panda icon Pandas!
  • Before the pandemic, I traveled to London UK, Paris France, Puerto Rico and more. I hope to travel again post pandemic!
  • My dad and I are exactly 30 years apart! It's easy to keep up with each other's age.

About Me

My Story

Hello. I have done a hybrid of design and development for over 10 years. However, my passion for the iterative UX process and the creative UI design side of the product development cycle has led me to look for a UX and UI design-focused role now.

I can use my previous technical experience and knowledge to communicate and collaborate with dev/engineer teams. * I am looking for a work environment that already has front-end engineers or full stack developers to handle all of the development and programming logic. I am happy to provide design assets and to use any code exporting tools to help the dev team implement designs.

I enjoy connecting with users to understand them and to design experiences based on their needs. I like drawing sketches, creating low-fideliy wirefames and interactive high-fidelity prototypes with animations.

I can bring a lot of creative skills and ideas to your company or team because of my wide range of previous professional experience.