Alicia Alexander

UX and UI Designer

I specialize in user experience and visual design for digital products. I create seamless user experiences with beautiful and intuitive user interfaces.



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Fun and random facts about me!

  • I love to play VR icon Virtual Reality games and social apps to connect with people from all over the world!
  • I'm obsessed with Panda icon Pandas!
  • Before the pandemic, I traveled to London UK, Paris France, Puerto Rico and more. I hope to travel again post pandemic!
  • My dad and I are exactly 30 years apart! It's easy to keep up with each other's age.

About Me

My Story

I have adapted to the evolution of technology and design trends over the years. I understand the technology that I am designing for because of my hybrid designer and development background experience. I can collaborate and communicate with development teams.

Although I have done both design and development for over 13 years, I am now seeking a design-focused role that will allow me to use my creative passion for UX and UI design. I can provide realistic design solutions that are technically feasible because of my hybrid experience.

I enjoy connecting with users to understand them and to design experiences based on their needs. I like drawing sketches, creating low-fideliy wirefames and interactive high-fidelity prototypes. I can bring a lot of creative skills and ideas to your company or team because of my wide range of previous professional experience.